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Conversion tracking code

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I post my problem in the forum because I didn't find any topic about it, so I think it can help the humanity 🙂

So I need to put a conversion tracking code for the sales I do from the traffic from affiliate company named Effiliation (french company).

I have to put the tracking code in the box : Settings>Checkout>Order processing>Additional scripts box.

They told me to put my ID (info from them), sales amount(ref), currency, sales number, payment method.

And they send me an example they usually send to their clients :

<img src=" alt="" width="1" />

And I translate this with the help in shopify guide :

<img src="{{ total_price | money_without_currency }}&amp;ref={{ order_number }}&amp;currency={{ shop.currency }}" alt ="" width="1" />


1 - So it works for the ID, amount, ref and currency but they need the payment method. How to show the payment method ?

2 - At the end of the code in shopify guide they write height="1" and in the code they send me, they write alt ="", I dont get anything

I hope it's enought clear to understand, otherwise feel free to ask me anything 


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