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Create a sales funel, but how?

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Hello Shopify Users J ,

I just want ot develope a sales funel (lead magnet - entry product - main product - upsell) on Hungarian market.

Do you have any recommendation how to create this in Shopify? Wht are the best practices? 

I’d need:

  • Langing page for a subscribers (to download my lead magnet)
  • On a ’thank you’ page an upsell offer for my entry product
  • Automation for emails

My questions would be (I’m looking for best practices):

  • How to create langing page? How to add a sign up form to a langing page?
  • How to create automation for emailing? How to integrate these apps?
  • How to create e-mailing logic depending ont he customer action?

I’m looking for a menthor as well, I ’d be very thankful if somebody can help me out in this question. 🙂 

Thanks, Zoli

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Hey Zoli,

I'd suggest you to go on Shopify App marketplace and go some research work with the keyword "page builder", there is plenty apps about that. As for the sales funnel there is good one in non Shopify market called They have the education program as well with how to build the sales funnel.

The drawback I see in the pricing which cost you about $97 / month. A quite expensive for starter business. However, they have 30 days trial, so you can actually try and explore their onboarding process.

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