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Created this to be the resource centre for facebook ads, please contribute

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Hi everyone, so i was going to post a lengthy thread, pertaining to my issues that i am having with fb ads. But i created this to hopefully be a resource centre for myself and others having similar issues. And mostly importantly reduce the learning curve and the wasted money spent on advertising.

There is a lot of info everywhere and most isn't in digestible easy to understand form. 

So below i've asked some drill questions which i think covers most things, and covers most questions newbies and self-taught people have with facebook. 

Please share as much info as your comfortable with, please no trolls or marketers.

Please if everyone can stick to the premise of the questions, so it is easily readable for everyone else. I would say just answer each question with the correlating number.

All questions unless stated will be from the perspective of a relatively new brand with a small budget (up to $50 a day) Please ignore those that don't relate to you.



Facebook ads:

1) Please outline your basic facebook ad funnel and what is their function? If you do not use a funnel, just a single ad, please just do the following for the single ad.


 Ads :                 (WC) Image ad >     Re-targeting ad Content >        Re-targeting ad offer

 Ad points to:      Home page >           Specific landing page (blog) >  Product page

 Ad type:            Website conversion> Website conversion >              Website conversion 

Reason for ad:     Build awareness>     Educate customer>                 Entice Purchase


2) Average cost per purchase from beginning to end?

3) Average time it takes for a customer to enter the funnel (seeing your first ad) to the end (completes purchase)

4) Average number of people it takes to complete 1 sale. i.e Per 100 people through the funnel i should get 1 sale.

5) Average order value

6) When starting a completely new ad, do you spend $5 a day or more.

7) In your experience, what are your costs to obtain the following:

100 visits to your site 

200 visits to your site

500 visits to your site 


7a) Does number of visits correlate with what google analytics says?

😎 On average, on which visit converts the customer?

i.e 1st, 2nd, 3rd visit to your site


9) Would you say lookalike audiences work? At which point do you start using them?

Once you have set up lookalike audiences, do you go back to targeting cold audiences?

What converts more for you cold audiences or lookalike audiences


10) What are the three most important factors to ensure success with facebook ads for you?


11) Where do you place your ads?

Mobile, Desktop only, Facebook partners


12) When do you kill an ad?

13) What are your top 3 lookalike audiences you have created?

14) Being a new brand, having website conversions for purchases won't be possible, as not enough data collected. 

So that leaves website clicks vs website conversions - view page, which would you recommend?


15) What approach would you recommend for a new brand with a limited budget

16) Any extra info you would like to say.

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