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Custom Privy Call in homepage header announcement

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I'm having issues figuring out how to create a Privy custom call to action that I can link to my site's header announcement bar. I much prefer my website's styling compared to Privy's options for a website bar/tab. Going off of this tutorial, this is what I have so far:

  1. My code:
<button onclick=“;”>JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER FOR 10% OFF</button>

      2.  Knowing that I need to make something the btn, I looked through my theme (Pipeline) and have found that my header announcement is located in sections/header.liquid

But this is where I'm at a loss of what to do, I haven't been able to make anything work yet while preserving my header. Within my theme's shopify editor I can make my announcement header a text link, but on the backend side I'm haven't figured out how to make this link a call to action for my Privy campaign.


Any suggestions? 


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I have the same question. 


I have a banner that I did using my shopify admin customization (landing page). 
On privy, I have a banner that links to a page. 

How do I link this privy campaign, to my customized banner on my landing page. 

Any help is much appreciated.