Display Shopify Product Review Stars in Google Shopping Ads

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Shopify please help (Merchants please like this if you need this). Google have a simple way to display Product star ratings (from Shopify Product reviews) next to our Google Shopping ads. We see other stores selling our products with 5 stars next to their ads, which boosts their ad ROI. Hoping it's a simple fix for Shopify because the product review ratings are already showing in Google organic search results - and we've spent years compiling product reviews so lets share them 🙂


Two steps are required:


(1) Shopify needs to submit a Google Product Ratings Partnership Request

(2) Once Shopify is approved, Shopify Merchants can apply to Google Product Ratings, via the merchant centre to their Shopify Product rating displays in in Google Shopping ads. 


Shopify, please note this info on the Google Product Ratings page: "If you are a product reviews aggregator or service provider and you're interested in helping your merchant customers show their reviews to users, please submit a Product Ratings Partnership Request instead and we'll get back to you within two weeks." 
Merchants - please share. Shopify please help! Thanks
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@MapitySoft did you ever get this tested and working? I'd love to give it a go.

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Check private messages 

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Judge.me aren't an approved aggregator for Merchant center either. You'd have to go through the same process to include your review ratings on Google Shopping for both.

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Is it tested and working yet?  We'd be interested to give it a try?