Does Google index images from Shopify products?

Does Google index images from Shopify products?

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Does google index shopify images?

I recently changed all image file names on a few product pages.


I did this be directly going to the product tab in my shopify account, selecting the product, then scrolled down to the media section.


I then downloaded the images, changed the names, then reuploading them on my product pages, then deleted the older versions.


I renamed them to all to be in accordance with best SEO practices.


My question is if google will index these images? I understand that shopify images are hosted on shopify's CDN, so I wasn't sure.


Also wasn't sure what effects this could possibly have on my traffic.


Thank you.


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Whether they are on Shopify's CDN (they all are) or not, doesn't matter.


If you inspect your file then go to the products file, you will see for each product, there's an image included. This is done to encourage indexing of images. When you update your primary image like you have, the URLs should update.

With that said, I have seen Google struggle to index product images. There can be many reasons for this. One being the poor naming and the low different of images compared to others. In writing about my (minor) pickings of Shopify SEO, this is one of the issues:



That is taken from my complete Shopify SEO guide at

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