Does Google Shopping count as cross-network in Google Ads?

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Anyone knows what is cross-network in Google Ads - see the attached screenshot? 🤔 Is Google Shopping counts as cross-network or no? Thanks!


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All non Google Search, such as Google Images, Youtube, Google discovery etc.

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Hello @Irena,


Gina here from flareAI.


Cross-Network includes networks like:

  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube Search
  • YouTube Videos
  • Google Images

You can have multiple campaign types in Google Analytics like Search, Shopping, Display, Video, and App. These campaigns can be shown across multiple networks like Google Search, Search Partners, Display Network, etc.


Cross networks were introduced to handle these kinds of ads where they can be shown in multiple networks.


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Hi @Irena 


Cross-network advertising is a strategy that involves marketing a company across various types of networks simultaneously. Any business using cross-network advertising effectively won’t solely focus on Google, but will also work to rank on the other main search networks and social platforms, thus expanding their reach.


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Hope this helps.

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Hey Irena, basically cross-network in Google Ads as shown in your screenshot are the automated results generated by Google search for a particular ad campaign i.e. ideally well for reaching wider audience traffic. Talking about whether Google Shopping counts the search result leads except for Google search such as display, Gmail promotional ads, Banner Ads Networks, and so on. 


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