Don't know what else to do. Trying everything and no sales.

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My website is I am not getting any traffic to my website...maybe 6-8 a week tops. (but no sales) I am using Instagram, Facebook, doing giveaway contests. I started Google Adwords, and I haven't even gotten one click yet for me to pay for. I use the Instagress app to help get followers and my name out there. I don't know how to gain traction. Is it a matter of just getting someone famous in a shirt or something? THe only sales I have are from friends and family. Anything helps. I don't know what other marketing I can do. 


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Your store looks good. The products are fine. Images too.

Maybe including a bit more contact info in the page footer could help to build trust with your customers.

The strange thing is that when I click on the big image of people wearing hoodies, I am redirected to a product page with hats.
But I wanted a hoodie... ~ Show your visitors that others are buying from you!
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Hi Marisa,

Great job on getting your store up and running and your initial marketing efforts.

Have you had any experience selling your brand offline? Just wondering if you have some direct feedback or insights from your potential customers about your product. It may help you define your market and messages to them in your digital marketing.

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The social links in the footer don't work for me. You probably need to start building your brand locally. I would be more aggressive with any ad spend targeted at local visitors. This includes facebook ads, google display ads and PPC. I would also add some 1st purchase offer. Create a coupon code that applies to customers without a purchase. If you have followers, I would share this socially. Those are my initial thoughts.
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Hey Marisa, 

Your website looks great. I started my leggings brand a month ago and I've had good sales - 17 so far. Some were from friends and family - and this is a good thing! They will be your biggest supporters in the beginning, and you don't have to pay them. Ask them to post photos, talk about your brand, and wear your products everywhere. 

I also gave some product away as gifts to Instagram influencers that I connected with. Since I sell leggings, I have a built in brand niche here in the Bay area - yogis. I have a bunch of yogis wearing my leggings now, posting photos and wearing them to local studios and studios around the country. This only costs me the wholesale cost of a product. I also gave some peope a 20% off coupon code to incentivise them to buy, and the agreed to rep my brand on social media. Your brand looks very skate and surf culture - you should be able to find lots of people to rep that look.

Also, I've had great success marketing my brand locally. I like to push the local angle - people feel connected when it's part of thier hometown. I made flyers with QR codes of my products and posted them in local coffee shops and gyms. I advertised in my local neiborhood online forum, which brought in a few sales. I emailed each and every customer and personally thanked them and asked them to give me a testimonial and post photos as well. 

Good luck to you! 

p.s. I'm attaching a flyer I made for an example. People really like them. I just print them on 4x6 photo paper at my house. 

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Hi Marisa, 


You have some advice already given. Your brand seems very summer seasonal so ensure that whoever you are targeting/marketing to right now is in that season. 

I would also invest some time on your hashtags to drive targeted traffic. If you use #tanks its so common your post will on be visible near the top for a few moments. Look for lower competition hashtags so you can get more exposure. 

Feel free to reach out via our website for anymore help.




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Hi Marisa,

Issues i found with your website

1- It doesn't look trust worthy for me to spend any money with you. Reason:

You lack any information on your homepage to who you are as a brand, you got no reviews or social proof.

2- You got no clear contact page for people to get in touch with you.

3- You got no clear call to action on your banner or anywhere on the site for people to shop

4- You site looks quite basic and has no depth to it in regards to product offering, gallery, videos etc

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Great suggestion. I'll definitely make those changes. Thank you!

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As far as selling my brand offline, I am trying to figure out a cheaper way to sell to local retailers. I don't have a huge markup right now because i'm not buying enough of inventory to get a cheaper rate. In order to get a cheaper rate I have to order hundreds and hundreds. I can't see doing that, when I can't sell one right now. So if I try and sell to local retailers, I cant really cut them a break or even come close to keystone pricing right now. 

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Hi Marisa:

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