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Facebook Ads wont let me use my url to promote

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Hello all,

My website is When I use facebook ads and I try to add it as website URL in my adset, it doesn't accept it. It says my website url is against their guidlines. Please help me somehow guys

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Hi shikharshah,


I looked at your website, and from my experience I'd say that it's Facebook's mistake, 

In the message you got, did it had a button that says "file for an Appeal"? if so , click that and explain that it's one of the games that can be used with your gamepad, it's not a game that you're promoting and your not suggesting people to play it, as what might have happens is that the auto engine listed the photo of the guy holding a double barrel shotgun as a violent image, or as an image against the weapon policy (two different sections):


I don't see any other reason why your website is not approved for advertising,

I believe that they'll allow it if you appeal, and you may also get a better explanation from them,

If not, the best next step will probably be to remove the guns and shooting scenes from your website and choose other games to promote.


Good Luck!



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