Facebook engagement but No Traffic and No Sales

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I started my store a few weeks ago, as well as a Facebook page to advertise and support it. Whenever I run an Advert on Facebook I always get a positive response with lots of likes, comments and shares. My best post advertised 20% off a product and had 160 likes, 16 shares and reached 1880 people, all with very little money spent to boost the ad. Yet it brought almost no traffic to my store and resulted in no purchases. 

I'm lucky to get 3 visits a day and have not had a single order. I feel like I am targeting the right audience with my Facebook Adverts but I am seeing absolutely no results. 



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Hi Sam, 

Here are my two-cents - since you're just starting out, spend some time building social media presene. Right now you have only 12 likes on Facebook. 

The main aim of post boost ads (the one that you ran) is usually to get engagement and to grow audience. They don't usually lead to traffic to website. These types of ads are important for capturing audience. Run this type of ad a few more times for a longer duration and then you'll be able to create a custom audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook page. You can then run an ad with 'Traffic' as an objective. That ad will have a higher chance of driving people to your website. 

At the same time, I'd suggest that you work on a few things: 

Social media

I love that you're posting different types of things on your page. I noticed that you're posting your products in a design. Are you doing it yourself? Well, with OrangeTwig, you'll be able to automatically post your products and discounts (sale and coupons) in stunning layouts in no time. Here are some sample designs: 

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I think, right now you're focussing on Facebook. I think you should also take a look at Instagram. It's a much easier channel to grow on. And it gets better engagement. Posts on Facebook get seen only by 2% of the people following the page.

On the other hand, on Instagram, you can reach not only the people who follow you, but also others by using the right hashtags. Also, people who come to your website from Instaram are far less likely to bounce off as compared to other sources. 

All you have to do to grow on Instagram is post good great content and get your hashtags right. You already have a good handle on content. But followers really value developing a theme. Here are some tips for deveoping a theme through your account: Develop a  visual theme 

To get the right hashtags, use OrangeTwig's Hashtag Research tool. With this tool, you'll get trending and related hashtags. These hashtags are relevant not just for Instagram. They'll work for Facebook too. And they'll be automatically added to your posts. Learn more about the tool here: Hashtag Research Tool

And here's more about the entire Insta-Success toolkit.


The design of your website is really great. Very appealing. But I think you need to put more information there. There is no 'About Us' page, very little details in the 'Product Description'. About Us is important for building trust. It's just a one-time effort. Here's what you can include in it: What to include in About Us 

Product descriptions is important for conversions. Unless you give informations to your customers, there are very little chances that they'll convert. This article will help you give you some tips: Product Titles and Descriptions 

I hope this helps you! 

- Karan 

P.S - You can also ask your specific questions in the Seller Success Facebook Group 

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