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Facebook is connected, but Facebook Shop is still saying page is not connected.

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Hi, So a weird one. I'm not sure whether the facebook shop app is being glitchy because I started my account recently and the FB shop app is being discontinued but I have a shop set up on my business facebook page and my Facebook app is connected (screenshots below). But when I go to the Facebook Shop App, its saying its connected to my personal account but that there is no business page. 


It doesn't seem to be affecting my facebook sales channel at all, just weird that it is saying that. Do I need to do anything to fix or should I just ignore it and wait for the Facebook Shop to be discontinued by Shopify? Thanks!

Image below showing Facebook App & My Facebook Shop on my business page: 




This is the Facebook Shop App page in Shopify where I'm seeing the issue:



Thanks in advance!!


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You need to log in with your personal FB account to authenticate the FB channel. All things related to Facebook Business Manager are like that: they require you to authenticate yourself with your personal account first.

For the Facebook Page, check your user permissions. You need to be an Admin, which you may not be given the page is not showing up where it should be.

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 Hi Josh, 


Thanks for getting back to me. I believe I have logged in with my personal and I am an admin (copied below). Is the below correct? Am I having issues because my company name has claimed my business page and not me? And if so, how do I change that? Thanks. 

I'm not even sure if I need to fix this because everything is linking, I have the shop in my facebook and instagram, by not having facebook shop linked up, what is it stopping me from doing? 



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Hi Josh,

I've also screenshot my linked facebook page below, this is my personal facebook and everything is linking in facebook and instagram (you can shop from both), other than having this alert, everything seems to be working fine..


I thought this notice at the top of the page might be the reason it won't connect, because facebook shop is being discontinued soon?




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same prompted error for me.  the rest are ok. may be shopify discontinued the fb shop because it is running its(shopify) own catalog to my fb and ig.  Unsure though