Facebook keeps blocking ads, Dont know why

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Hi I have been running the same ads for a few days using Kit. Yesterday facebook started rejecting my ads with the reason, "you cant advertise tobacco products"

I have never and will never advertise tobacco products, my adds are for backpacks and sunglasses, I have appealed and the appeals are repeatedly denied with the same tobacco reason.

is there anything I can do to fix this? How is it possible for this to happen in the first place?

my website is www.ziptac.com.au so you can see that I dont have anything remotely related to tobacco products.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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It also happened to me before. My advert was flagged as weapon when in fact I promoted an action camera. I think Facebook's "pending review" mode is being reviewed by bot and not by real human. I checked you product and the algorithm may have concluded that the fatigue pattern on your items may look like similarly tobacco leaves. For the meantime, try tweaking your image used into plain clothes/jackets, or gloves/sunglasses.

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I have tried another post now that could in no way be confused as tobacco products, even by a computer, it seems that somehow I have been flagged as a tobacco page and it wont let me place any ads whatsoever. I now have about 10 pending appeals with facebook and from what I can see from all the posts on the facebook business support page other people have been waiting indefinitely for appeal results

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?


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Facebook does use a bot type of thing to review ads and Ive had the same issue claiming I used nudity.  But pretty much all you can do is change your wording and possibly the image.  Or you could just wait for a manual review via an appeal.  Ive always been too impatient and modified my ad and it got approved.