Facebook Overcounting Issues

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Hi guys,


I have added the Facebook pixel to the page and it started to tracking information. What happens is that we are tracking conversions that haven't existed (in a big amount). I have launched the business a couple days back and it's saying that I have received already 500+ conversions while on the backend is way less than that.


How can I solve this tracking issue so I can measure properly the performance of the campaigns? I am asking this because it's still valuable for me to track add to carts, product views, etc, and I don't know where to implement the pixels manually as the language of Shopify is not pure HTML.




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Hey Freddy,

You're likely looking at the wrong columns. Facebook counts every pixel fire as a 'conversion' but the pure definition of a sale is different. You have to add the specific columns in your reporting (View content, ATC, initiate checkout, purchase, etc.) 

It is also a possibility that you haven't implemented the pixel properly. I've created a guideline on how to implement it - just watch this YouTube video I created - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR580FXJ-sw&t=3s

If you have any other questions regarding Pixels or Facebook Ads in general, please reach out to UriWeinber@gmail.com - that's where you can connect with me fastest.

All the best Freddy, hope I added some value,

Uri W. 

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Hey Freddy; 

There are really only 2 possible reasons for this issue. The first - you didn't place the Pixel properly. The second - you aren't looking at the right columns in the FB Ads Manager. FB defines a 'conversion' as ANY Pixel fire on your site, whether it be VC, ATC, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, etc. You need to focus on the 'purchase' column within the ads manager to track the success of your ads and campaigns.

I've put a hollistic guide together via YouTube on how any Shopify user should be utilizing the FB Pixel and Reporting - you can find it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR580FXJ-sw&t=3s

I hope this ads value to your business. If you, or anyone who finds this thread, has any questions whatsoever regarding FB Ads or the direct Pixel connection, please reach out to me at UriWeinber@gmail.com

All the best,

Uri W.