Facebook Pixel Confusion...

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Hi there...

I'm having trouble with the Facebook pixel and my Shopify site...bear in mind I'm not particularly techy, but I have a reasonable understanding

So, my understanding was that you just paste in your pixel number, press the button and it's done...And it seems to have installed and it seems to be tracking. so far so good

So last week, I created a custom audience I set the audience to INCLUDE the event 'Add to Cart' and EXCLUDE the event 'Purchase' - i.e. create an audience of cart abandoners. At this point it did let me choose the event 'Purchase'...


My suspicions were first aroused when this audience was 300 people. My site is new and I doubt that 300 people have added anything to the cart. Today, I tried to create another audience with this event, but the option isn't there anymore...which is odd. So I looked again at the pixel dashboard - and it tracks various events, such as 'Add to Cart' and 'Checkout Initated' and a few others....but not 'Purchase'

So something fishy is going on.

First it let me choose 'Purchase' as an event...now it doesn't...and it doesn't seem to even track it. And then there's the strange 300 people in the audience when Its unlikely I've had that many people add to cart.

I'm bamboozled.

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi Ben,

I would like to know if it was a new pixel you just created or its an old one that you might have used elsewhere, perhaps in another store.

If its an old one that you have used before then you might have checked the prefill button. This will create the custom audience and include any existing audience in the pixel data that matches the custom audience criteria.

With regards to the tracking of purchase, I would like to know if you have fufilled any orders.