Facebook Pixel does not connect with my store

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Hi Everyone!,

I just tried to connect facebook pixel with my new store but when I sent a traffic test it comes back with 'no activity yet'.

in my events manager, my status is offline and there is a message that says:   We haven't received any activity from your pixel in this time frame. 

I followed the instruction properly as last time when I was setting up different facebook pixel to another shop but this time it just does not work. 

On my website, the Facebook pixel helper says that there is no pixels are found and it's grey.



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Hi guys,

I think I have confirmed the solution. 

Just want to share everyone out there who's struggling with such a frustrating issue.

The trick is to view your store from a 3rd source from a different data connection. For example viewing your store from your Phone NOT ON WIFI.
By accessing your store that way, it fires off the Pixel as Active. 
It's worked for me a couple times now so I think it's the answer.

It's unfortunate that Facebook can't get that part right and has made it such a hassle but at least there's something I found that worked for me.
I hope it works for you as well.

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Hey I’m having the same issue with connecting my pixel with Shopify . I’ve did everything I’ve read thus far still the same issue is there any thing you can suggest for me

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I tried connecting to my website through my phone with the wifi turned off and it still says inactive

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I’m trying to connect my pixel account and all it says on Shopify is “set up Facebook”

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I’m trying to connect my pixel account and all it says on Shopify is “set up Facebook”

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I'm having the same issue.  THIS is the one problem, I've yet to see anyone address. 

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This was my solution many fortnights ago, I'm not sure if this is helpful but wanted to plop it in here in case it's helpful!

SOLVED BY @Nick105 :

I had the same problem with this and I'm not new to setting up pixels on websites. I was very confused as the pixel helper could see it, but ads manager wasn't getting anything.Previously, I had used the shop preferences with the correct pixel ID and the pixel helper didn't find it. I then installed the code manually and the pixel helper found it but I still couldn't get ads manager to see it.

The solve was to go to events manager and then click on settings.

I scrolled down and turned on both "Enable full use of Customer Data under our Business Tools Terms from this data source unless an event has a Limited Data Use flag" and 

"Automatic Advanced Matching" and then sent test traffic again in the overview and it magically worked. Wasted a lot of time for such a simple fix, but I hope that helps some other people.
Works now!!
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@Tira @Hi iam haveing trouble Facebook Pixel does not connect with my store I look it up I disable your ad blockers and to connect your Facebook Pixel to your store can you please message me back thank you 

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Hi all, This was a SOLUTION for me.

My issue was that I removed the Pixel ID from the store's preferences and installed the Facebook App as suggested by shopify.

AFter I did that, I played a bit with the settings and I checked the "california" option below. After this, the Pixel was NOT firing at all on the store.

I even contacted support thinking there was an error.

AFter around 1 hour or so of playing with facebook manager, I came back here and unchecked these options and BOOM!

The new facebook channel app for installing the facebook pixel started working without any issues or problems.

Check your preferences and try unchecking these options.




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Hello all, I was stuck on this issue for a while as well. I kept trying to test the connection, but it kept coming back as no activity yet. I resolved this by creating and using a new pixel. Hope this helps.