Facebook Pixel does not connect with my store

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Hi Everyone!,

I just tried to connect facebook pixel with my new store but when I sent a traffic test it comes back with 'no activity yet'.

in my events manager, my status is offline and there is a message that says:   We haven't received any activity from your pixel in this time frame. 

I followed the instruction properly as last time when I was setting up different facebook pixel to another shop but this time it just does not work. 

On my website, the Facebook pixel helper says that there is no pixels are found and it's grey.



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Hi there homie! 

Seems like I have the same problem as you did. How have you managed to make your real pixel appear on your Shopify Facebook setup? 


Waiting for your response asap. Strugglin for 3 days already to discover a solution and I didn't find it ffs. 



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Hi, yes I did it thanks to Shopify assistant. It was a problem with customer privacy in Europe. If you look under “sales channel” and click “online store” you have “preferences”, found in the page “customer privacy” and disable it.

Hope it works for you too!

Have a nice day!