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In regards to the FB pixel, typically, customers who have niche stores, selling similar products, will build up their facebook pixel. And when it comes time to advertise new, but similar products, to new people, the pixel will use the A.I it has acquired to more effectively target the right people; people like those who have purchased those similar products from you before.. 

My question is, if one has a general store, selling products from various niches, will the pixel become confused? To elaborate let’s say I sell dog products and I sell tech gadgets and my pixel has fired numerous times from sales of each of those types of products, gaining A.E for both. When I go to FB and try advertise a new dog product to the right target audience, will it inevitably utilize the A.I it’s acquired from the tech products as well, thus rendering it ineffective? OR, due to myself still needing to do some type of targeting, whether it’s a custom audience or a look-a-like audience, will the pixel then know which of it’s A.I to utilize? In otherwords, by me still having to do some sort of targeting, which will most likely be similar, if not the same as the targeting I did for my previous dog products, will I be indirectly instructing the pixel to use the proper A.I? 



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Hey Josh,

The way I understand the FB Pixel is that it makes a note of people who have previously visited your site, so that when you go to advertise on Facebook, it will show your ads to previous visitors of the site.

ie. Bill comes to your site in June and browses for a bit - and the pixel makes a note of this. Then you decide to run an ad in August - the pixel remembers that Bill visited your site, and FB is more likely to show your ad to Bill than if you didn't have the pixel installed. 

This should work well, regardless of if you're a niche or just a general store. 

Hope this helps,

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