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FB AD Account Problem

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Hi !


I do not where to post this, but I’m trying here.

So basically, I’m looking for advice on FB Ad and how to be conform with the terms of service and co. I don’t know what I did wrong but my ad account is disabled since the beginning. Already e mailed Fb support several times, the only thing they are able to say is “not conform, please see…” and ask for more information. I’m providing each times, accurate, up to date information and proofs. It has been 2 weeks I’m fighting with them to get my ad account running but I have sincerely no idea what’s wrong.


(Yeah, 2 weeks because they take 1 (even 2) week to give a short reply)

My ads are not a pb since they have been “approved"

I have tried with 2 fb (personnal and work) accounts, none of them is conform…(not conform so cannot ad a payement method to get further..)


If you have any idea and know how to get through this problem, it would be great !


Thanks for reading.



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Where are you based out of? Is your account banned? Any reasons Facebook has given you yet?

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Thanks for your reply

This is the most typical reply I have from them :

"Unfortunately, we've had to disable your account because our systems detected suspicious activity associated with your payments account. We're currently investigating this matter. To expedite the investigation, please do the following:"

* Yeah, i guess my current location + from where I am from + where i'm advertising kind be a bit complex as each one of them is different ( Asia, EU, USA ), that might be an issue ...  but still, I'm providing all the accurate information they ask.
* I do not think I'm really 'ban' i would rather they my account is 'disabled'
* regarding the so-call "payment issues" I have provided ALL information necessary they asked


The only thing i can think about is to wait for them to reply (yeah ! let's wait 2 weeks ...) and I'm pretty sure they will come back with the same reply as above ...
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When I have issues with fb ads manager, I go a step back and then more back if needed. Make another ad account. If that doesn't work, make another fb profile and make account from that. You can add your main profile to that biz account and operate from ur main account then.

Hope that helps.


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So, indeed that's really a problem of location which quite make sense. (Current location / Bank account location)
That's a good thing that they are trying to protect users. But this may be very restrictive.
At every actions i'm making like launching a new campaign, adding new paiement method... i'm account is blocked and i have to open a ticket... Yeah, you are right to thing that's very time consuming


I'm thinking about going through a VPN, maybe but i'm not sure if that's the best idea (security and stuff like that..)