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FB Custom Audience Set-Up - Customers visiting checkout page

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Hi! I'm trying to create a custom audience on FB for shoppers who reach the thank you page after purchasing. I have the pixel installed on the checkout/order processing box, but I'm not sure if I need additional FB tracking events added. 

I've set it up for wordpress sites before and it's easy to set it up to the thank you page domain and then set the FB audience up for only people visiting that page. For shopify, I'm not sure this works the same for "People Who Have Visited a Specific Page" because the checkout and thank you domains are on checkout.shopify..... and not the exact domain I'm working on.

I know I can also set up a custom combination and the event as purchase, but that is where I'm not sure if I need additional FB tracking events or if the pixel knows that the checkout.shopify thank you page is consider a purchase?

Does any one have any tips or know a better way to do this?

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Should be /checkout/thank_you

see if that works for you

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Hi Ryann,

I tried what you suggested. We've had 40+ unique purchases this past week from a few campaigns we we're running. Custom audience is still at size of 20, meaning that it's not working. 

Any other suggestions?


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Hey Steve,

Is there a reason why the below wouldn't work for you?

That would capture everyone who purchased from you.