Finding influencers for my shop as affiliates

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I'm just getting started with my shop, so still trying hard to gain more traffic. 

I heard from my friends that influencer marketing can be of help in promoting my products. I started searching about it a bit online, and yet there are so much information and too many tools out there, and I'm not sure where to start from. 

Has anyone tried using influencers before? Any success stories on how to collaborate with them in the longer run? Any issues I need to know? Also how much I should pay as commission per sales, say I hire them as affiliate only?


Thanks so much in advance! Wish you all have a great weekend!



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Hi there!

I can fully understand that it's not that easy to find the right tool 🙂

Maybe we can help you with our linkr tool that has a free plan and offers you the following features to get started:

  • Template campaigns
  • Manage cooperation requests
  • Influencer relationships management
  • Smart pricing suggestions
  • Influencer payment & invoicing

Also please find here some content about what to watch out for when working with influencers:

Have a great week!




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My advice is to just start, but start small. You don't have to get it right on the first try, just read some guide and apply what you read, see how it works out in real life. Then you'll have experience, and you'll know what to do next. That's how we all learn. By the way, if you'll still looking for a guide, we wrote and article on influencer marketing, check it you if you want to.

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Hi Arthur,

For most brands, the process of finding influencers is manual and time-consuming. You realize the value of what influencer marketing can do for your business, but scaling it can be expensive and draining. 
Lifo is here to make your influencer marketing efforts a whole lot easier, faster, scalable, and most importantly, without breaking the bank.
With our platform, finding the right influencers is as easy as setting your search criteria/requirements and Lifo will automatically connect you with hundreds of influencers that fit your brand perfectly. We use AI technology and our database of over 10M influencers to not only provide you with high-quality options but also allows you to track analytics based on the post-performance.
We are currently offering free campaigns to Shopify store owners! If you’re interested in learning more, let’s set up a time to chat! 
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