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First time marketing...

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Hi everyone,

I've just recently opened my store after setting it up for a month, now I'm getting to the challenging part of kickstarting my business. I've never done any type of marketing before so any help would be great! I'm already using instagram as I'm very used to it now, but any other strategies are slighty out of my depth at the moment. Feedback on my store would be amazing too! 🙂

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Facebook/Email marketing can be tricky if you don't niche down your customer segments. You can easily burn your pockets if the ads are not targeting your customer audience. If you already have customer emails (or) leads i would suggest to try out this app(there's a free credit on it) to get your customer interests Once you know your customer interests then you can segment them appropriately on ad/Email campaign. This can help you to target similar audience.
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Like Nolan said, knowing your audience is key. Do you use Facebook or Instagram ads? If you do, I'd suggest leveraging retargeting ads to get your ads in front of the customers most likely to buy your products. Check out Pollen ( which can help you immensley with your advertising efforts. 

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Hey William,

Congratulations on your new store. For beginning you can focus on social media and SEO.

I visited your Instagram and observed the following :-

1) Instagram allows upto 30 hashtags per post, however the optimal number is around 15. You are using less than that and hence you could make a better use of hashtags. Orangetwig's hashtag research tool will help you in finding the right hashtags for you. You can also save these hashtag lists and use it them when required.

2) Currently you are only posting the product pictures. However, sharing other content helps you in getting engagement. This is a good read regarding building a visual theme for your Instagram. Also, comment on the posts by people who are your potential customers.

3) Make all your posts clickable on Instagram. This boosts the chances for sales.

4) Your post frequency is once a day which is good. Posting consistently with this frequency is the key.

You can also try out other social channels. Create a auto pilot marketing plan on Orangetwig and it will take care of your posts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Hope this helps

Karan Jassar
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The link to your store is not loading for me.