✅[Fixed] Your store isn't eligible for Instagram product tagging ? [SOLUTION]

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Your store isn't eligible for Instagram product taggingYour store isn't eligible for Instagram product tagging


I'm John from IGus support team coordinator. We help people who have this type of issue. 

👉Have you already tried every option to fix this issue for weeks, even months?
👉Do you want to enjoy every Instagram opportunity with product tagging?
👉Does your business definitely deserve more than just being disapproved by Instagram?
If the answer for this 3 questions is yes, we can definitely help you to figured it out. 

If your account is disapproved or denied for Instagram shopping and product tagging feature.
We will help you fix this issue by handling the whole process and fulfilling all requirements that are needed for Instagram shopping. 

Ps: Security and trust are paramount for our teams. For that reason, we will NEVER ask for any personal password
To fix your problem, we will need to have a glance at your Facebook business manager, Instagram and Shopify settings, and therefore we work with a TeamViewer software which allows us to check directly with you, from your screen. 

Fill the form and please describe your situation in details. We will try everything to get you eligible, as we did for more than 100 clients already. 🙂

For more details about what we do, you should have a look on this article: https://instagramus.fr/blogs/news/how-it-works-to-get-eligible-for-instagram-product-tagging

Hope it will help the Shopify community, 

John Lavoisier


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Hi ! 

Of course no problem 🙂 It would be my pleasure to help you.
Feel free to send us an email at the following address and we will make you eligible: instagramus.75@gmail.com


Thanks !

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Hello there,

We are Turkey based brand.We work with Shopify for our websites.



Our country support Instagram shopping if you work with thirdparty ( supported as a biggcommerce / shopify etc).So yes we work with third party as a Shopify.

But we have same issue as a picture.Ä° think we have to send our instagram account again to instagram team to get approved.


Is there someone to give us another idea or solution?



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Hello there !
You should contact TypicalAgency04@gmail.com
They are professionals in this kind of issue please feel free to contact
Thank you
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How are you doing
I have a problem with my Instagram account not being linked to the store

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greetings !

doing great 👍🏻 how are you hope you’re fine.

please contact TypicalAgency04@gamil.com or contact on what’s app : +94714586774 or Instagram: TypicalAgency

they will assist you or will help to integrate the Instagram shopping tag feature 

thank you ☺️ 

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The country from where you are operating your Instagram account

> Some countries are not taking part of the supported market which makes them ineligible for product tagging feature.


Thats my issue.. 

May I know if you can help that well be great


Beat regards 

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Hello Christine 


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@JohnLVS wrote:

Hi @chemolguy

Did you report your issue here ? 

You will be contacted by IGus support team, and get a first step forward to figure out why your store isn't eligible for Instagram product tagging.

On my side @chemolguy, I will first check up your website and your Instagram account in order to make sure you are eligible, and get back to you as soon as possible.


The first level of Instagram and Shopify checking we provide is about: 

❶ Your Terms & Policies page
If you don't have this page at the moment, you will have to create it.
You can also generate them automatically for free with the following Shopify tools:
Terms and conditions
Privacy policy
Refund policy 


❷ The physical products that you are selling
Some products cannot be sold on Instagram and Facebook (animals, weapons, adult products, etc...)
> Check here to find all products categories that are prohibited

❸ The country from where you are operating your Instagram account
> Some countries are not taking part of the supported market which makes them ineligible for product tagging feature.

If these three first points are ok, then we can move onto the second checking and assistance. But first, let met check all of this and come back to you very soon. 🙂


Hello John


I am not approved for Instagram Shopping, they say that I am not eligible (no reason further) can you PLEASE PLEASE help me. I really want/need Instagram Shopping 



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Hey there,


I am a relatively new store on Shopify, only up for about 1 month. I have had an Instagram account for the same amount of time and have been trying tp set up Instagram shopping but it continues to say I am not eligible because I have not established a presence and I should try again once I've had more activity. However, i have not only got over 500 followers but have reached about 40,000 accounts. On top of that, I have another account that I do not use anymore with fewer followers and less engagement, but it is eligible for Instagram shopping?


Could someone please help me out?

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Facebook commerce account approval taking up to 4 weeks. Instagram shopping says "not eligible" and then below says "Eligible for Instagram and Facebook shopping". I don't get this stupid error? Can someone please help?

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You don't need the account to be approved to get approved for shopping
you need to verify your domain so that you will be approved its a new
requirement for approval