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Free gift triggered by discount code

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Hi All!

Does anyone know of an app where you are able to use a discount code in order to trigger a free gift? Right now I am only able to find apps that automatically drop the free gift into the cart no matter who has reached the cart threshold and this is an exclusive offer with one affiliate we work with. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



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No way to do it.  Buy x, get y does not exist,  It is buy x, buy y, enter code, get y.  Buy x, get y seems to technologically infeasible. 

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Could we please get an answer by SHOPIFY on this very important topic? 

Being able to add a free gift to special customers is very important to increase customer loyalty and delight. 

it will also make your BXGY feature actually usable. 🙂 


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The best way to go about it right now is to use a Shopify discount app. If there isn't any on the market that satisfy your need, hire a third party to make one that suits.

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I found an app

It's called "Automatic Discounts & Gifts" by Tabarnapp
It will add a gift triggered by a discount code or link

The only drawback is pricing of the app
It takes revenue sharing