Free Month Of Email Marketing Consulting. No payment unless I get you results.

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Hi My name is Angel Velazquez,

I am working on starting a shopify email marketing consulting service and need a couple of shopify owners with a decent email list i can target, atleast 2000. If you do not have an email list I could help you find ways to build one and eventually we can partner up. The first month will be free and I will only get 10% of the revenues I bring to your store at the end of the month if i bring you results, so no upfront cost and no risk. A testimonial at the end would be nice though 🙂 At the end of the month if you decide to work with me cost will go to 20% of monthly revenues but I will do a free month if you refer a client. Please reply here or email

So why email Marketing? Their are over 4 million shopify stores online but most of then do not utlizie their email list. That is alot of money they are leaving on the table and you might be doing it. 


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