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Getting new customers via strategic partnerships

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Hey all!

I run a fashion ecommerce store selling items to customers mainly based in the US. In 2017, around 18,500 customers made a purchase from our website. 

I am looking to try new ways to get more customers. These are a few strategic partnership models I had in mind:

  • Doing a guest blog on a complimentary business’s website to reach new customers. I would be happy to do an exchange and have you guest blog on our website as well so that you can reach new customers. 
  • I'm interested in getting samples of our product into the hands of your customers, in exchange for you doing the same with our customers. 
  • Creating a new viral campaign working together, where we offer a gift to winners. The gift can be made from products on both of our stores.
  • Open to new ideas 🙂 

Anyone interested in trying this, do send me an email at or reply here, and i’ll get in touch. I can share details of our store and customer analytics via email. I'm open to do a partnership where both of us + our potential customers benefit. 

Looking to grow in 2018!



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