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Getting ready for Holiday Sales?

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Hey there,

We have prepared three guides for getting ready for Holiday Sales. There are infographics, product search trends, suggested products, holiday calendar, order deadlines, marketing tips and more. 

Holiday Guide 
Holiday Calendar
Holiday Marketing

Hope it helps and if you have any suggestions on what info would be useful to you - please inform us! 🙂 

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Awesome post! Holidays are HUGE for ecommerce sales, we all know that.

Wanted to throw in my $0.02 on the topic:

Maximizing holiday sales through paid advertising is your best bet. But it takes preparedness. Be sure to plan budgets, set benchmarks, and react quickly. Consider key dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Shipping Cut Off, Post Christmas, etc. Next, be sure to map out budgets for every week, and watch your daily caps on Cyber Weekend.

We actually blogged about this earlier last week, if you want more:

Hope that helps! Good luck and ho, ho, ho!

Kevin Simonson is the CEO of Metric Digital, a performance marketing agency in New York City that focuses on driving revenue and customers through for ecommerce business via online advertising, email and other digital marketing channels.