Good traffic, Low conversion

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Hey guys,

I actually have a lot of correct quality traffic but no sales...
Are there anyone finding any convertion killers on the website?

Thanks to all,
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Hi there,


Your website does look absolutely gorgeous - and I love your Story as well. It creates a rapport and makes a visitor feel they know you a bit better. It would be great to add a picture of you both here too.

If your conversion is low, consider looking into the traffic sources - the visitors you get might be not relevant to your niche, or they are not in the purchasing stage yet [they are not actively searching for the product to buy, credit card in hand].

Take a look at your Google Analytics results and see where your visitors arrive. Analyze then the sources of traffic and see if you can improve them further by connecting with potential buyers [most likely to convert], and not just people browsing.


Hope it helps!

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Conversion is the most challenging. Have you try to spend your money for PPC and Retargetting Ads?

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Thanks for your feedback! You might be right, audience might not be optimized to touch people wanting to buy right now
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Hey there,


Great looking store! Nice vacation vibe 😉


About your traffic, are people adding items to the cart and then abandoning the site before completing the purchase? Or are they not converting at all?


Also, one thing I noticed on your site is that international shipping is free (to Sweden at least) but checkout page states that shipping price will be calculated after filling in address etc. Should probably change that to make the checkout as frictionless as possible.

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Hey @emilbryggare ,


Got very few add to carts and nearly no checkouts...  ratio add to cart / checkout seems normal, only convertion to add to cart is realy low.



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OK, got it. It seems then that you should focus your efforts on getting the right people to your store.


First off, I would try these two things:

  1. Focus on traffic sources that are converting. As stated in one of the replies above, check in your analytics which traffic sources are resulting in actions such as viewing products, adding to cart, etc. and then see if you can get more visitors from those sources.
  2. I see you have a lot of followers on your Instagram account, have you tried advertising there?


And then some general tips for increasing your conversions using Facebook & Instagram ads:

  • Target people that have shown interest in your store on Facebook or Instagram. People that have engaged with you in some way on Facebook or Instagram are already aware of your store. Targeting these people with your advertising is a nice opportunity to improve your conversions. Facebook lets you to target these people using Facebook Engagement Custom Audience.
  • Use retargeting ads on Facebook & Instagram. People might not be ready to buy something the first time they visit your store and will need a nice reminder. If you have the Facebook pixel installed, you can create a custom audience to retarget people that have visited your store on Facebook & Instagram (remember to exclude people that have completed a purchase as it can be quite annoying to see ads for something you have just bought).
  • Target people on Facebook & Instagram that are similar to your best users. Facebook lookalike audiences allow you to target users that are similar to users that are valuable to you (could be users that have added to cart or completed a purchase). By doing this, you are more likely to reach people that will be interested in buying your products.
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Have you tried remarketing?

Or run a discount, show sale off popup?


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If you need help finding the conversion killers, I suggest trying out a Free store analyzer to be sure that your website is optimized since we cannot always catch every detail. Additionally, there are often quite a few details going on behind the scenes that we miss, and these details can dramatically affect the effectiveness and purposefulness of your site as well as your advertising budget.


Moreover, if you haven't begun using an automated advertising system, you might be significantly under-utilizing your site potential. Here at AdScale, we recommend always using a system with AT LEAST AI automated processes for cross channel and platform advertising as well as bid and budget automatons. This can make a significant difference in your targeted advertising and improve your conversion rates. 


So, using a free Store Checkup Tool like the one from AdScale might be of help. It will give you a report on how ready your site is to advertise and deliver you actionable fixes as needed.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

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