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For those of you who have had a successful experience using this app, what has your process been? It seems great at doing initial setup but how was it for ongoing maintenance of your ads and bidding? Did you pay for premium? Did you let the app do all the configuring and then keep doing it? Did you make tweaks to your campaigns and ads in Google Ads itself? What were some things you found you needed to manually adjust? Where did you set your bidding strategy? In the app? In Google Ads manually?

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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i have used them for another shop and did not find them very useful. 50$ a month seems like a good deal, but you get banner ads that scream "stay away" at customers. For example my store sold really high class photography as prints, nice shop design, beautiful google font. I am a media designer, so i know what i do. But  they just picked one product picture, my logo, my url and some black on green call to action button. I am so enraged, i will do a quck search in my ads account for one of their ads.







This is basically it. They did it in some different sizes and orientations, but they did not even bother using a nice color scheme or using my google fonts. I also tried their premium, where you can design your own ads, but that was garbage too. Like about 8 fonts and thats it. No way to use the fonts from my website, no dynamic ads, And this stupid designer tool has been unavailable for 80% of the time. If you book them to esign a few nice banners, they still want you to do most of the work. Name pictures, name fonts, name colors, name layout. 

The actual ad settings they did were a bit better than mine, and i am a total noob. how good can the above remarketing banner be, if its not in my corporate design? Thats driving customers away, not getting them to me.
In the beginning they told me that we will have a call to determine which niche i have, what my customer base might look like, which blogs/sites could be helpful. But after i tried once, they did not even bother getting itouch again.


worst 5 months of wasted mones so far.