Google Ads are taking customers to my products but they leave without buying.

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Hi Good People,

Kindly assist what could be the reason people who are being led from google ads to products on my website leave without buying. Only very very few proceed to checkout but then abandon the cart and cart recovery emails had never yielded a sale despite offering some discount on the last of the three follow up emails.

Same products are being bought on a platform where I pay a commission for listing, so I thought of making an online store to increase the profit I get from a sale.

For example, if someone searched on google for a Smart LNB, click here to see the landing page linked to the AD. The customer will then click on the item they want and leave the site within an average of 20 seconds, they don't go to About Us or Contact Us, so I put the issue of trust as second.

Your views are welcome, even brutal as long they are honest.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Hillary, you mention that you don't think it is related to trust; but I'd like to challenge you on that.

It's not that a visitors would visit your about us or contact page if they don't trust you, an alternative is that they have gotten 3 other tabs open with your sompetitors websites open. They won't "give you a fair chance to prove that they can trust you." They just close the window and that's it.

My issues with your site: the logo is tiny, I don't see the name of your business nor can I find any address to see what business is behind this

Not critical, but useful would be to show why your store is the place to shop, your USPs (Free shipping, 2 day delivery, easy returns, etc.) - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice
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Hi Dennis,

I agree 100% with you, it was my blind spot to think that customers would go to About Us or Contact Page if they have issues with trust. What an eye opener.

I will work on the logo, getting more company information, not sure what to do with physical address because I am trading from home and 100% online, holding no stock. Once the sales grow I will consider havin an office and then a show room for most selling items.

I see its also important to have Free shipping, 2 day delivery, easy returns clearly displayed.

Many thanks for such a valued input.