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Google Adwords - Can someone repeatedly click my ads?! (Almost 0% conv)

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Hi All,

Nearly 0% conversion through Adwords & Im worried!

I manage and advertise through Google Adwords and Google Remarketing with a relatively small budget, and get around 30-40 clicks per day. With the industry conversion average of 1% I should be getting a sale around every 2 to 3 days, however I am not. I have achieved at least this conversion (between 3% and 4%) previously when Ive ran campaigns, however am concerned someone who I have previously had issues may be clicking my ads. Without going into detail they are under investigation with the police for what they have done, and I realise this low conversion could be for a whole host of things, but when I have acheived between 3 and 4% previously, this now really worries me.

I'm no expert and do see you can view certain locations on Analytics but cannot seem to see what I am looking for. Can someone help?? 

And of course if you have any feedback on my site id love to hear from you.

Thankyou so much & I look forward to hearing from the Shopify Community.

Simon 🙂






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Hello Simon.

I'll start with your main question, can someone repeatedly click your ads? The answer is of course yes. Someone malicious enough and with time on their hands could do this.

However, it is highly unlikely that is happening. Google has systems in place to alleviate this. You can even see for yourself what some are if you repeat searches yourself, you just won't see the same ads over and over. Google mixes things up. If you don't click certain ads, they'll show you others in the hopes that you are more interested in them.

If the same ads are clicked over and over, they have a system in place to protect the advertiser. They will reimburse the click cost if someone clicks your ads in a certain period of time. There are many other things they look at that someone clicking your ads over and over should not be a concern. I've heard many complain about this over the years but I have yet to confirm just one instance of click fraud. Not saying it doesn't happen, just that Google nips it in the bud before you are even aware of it.

Having taken over many campaigns, your issue lies elsewhere. I don't know exactly what you are doing in your campaign but the main one I see all the time is an improper use of keywords. You sell soaps. What keyword are you using? If it's “soap”, that is too generic and I suggest you stop your campaign immediately.

You say the industry average is one percent. I argue there's no such thing as an industry average. If you use less relevant or irrelevant keywords, you'll get irrelevant clicks and that will drop your conversion rate. If you take those clicks to the wrong page, that will also keep the conversion rate low.

Is your landing page your home page? That's a mistake. Don't expect a visitor to search your site, especially when they just did a search in Google telling you what they are looking for. If they searched for cocoa butter facial soap, take them to the page that sells that product.

You then need to close that sale, convince them that your soap is what they need. If you don't, they'll buy from the next site that does. Your cocoa butter soap page mentions being fragrance free. Is that what people want? You need to push the benefits. To me, the fragrance is a feature, not a benefit. Find out what is the greatest benefit. Then, make that more obvious on your page and of course, use it in your ads. In fact, your ads can help identify what searchers are looking for. If they want fragrance-free, those ads will be clicked more often. If they want better complexion, they'll tell you that too.

Good luck.


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Hi, you can check if someone (a competitor maybe) clicks your ad repeatedly or not:

  1. Check the invalid click
  2. If someone clicks your ad repeatedly, click volume will far exceed impression volume

If you are still in doubt, contact Google, they will support you to find out the truth.

I'm not a Shopify ninja, but a digital marketer who has been struggled a lot about sale/conversion optimization.

You are using Google Analytics, that's great. I cannot tell you exactly the way to solve your problem (because you understand your website, your product & market a lot better than me). I'm just showing you how to find the problem using Google Analytics. Please read my sharing about Shopify conversion tracking here

Hope it helps 🙂

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Fraduluant clicks are very unlikely to be your problem. Google has automated checks to manage them. Some slip through, but it rarely is a concern ever for an advertiser.

Anything about your campaign or structure could be affecting performance. How your ad budget is used can fluctuate across a variety of search terms. There is just too many things that could be going on. AdWords is a complex platform. A starting point is ensuring your conversion code is right.

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I agree with Joshua, Google has solid checks in place to keep your competitors from doing this. (They track things like locations/ip for every click. So any unnatural patterns would be quickly detected by their system. As a result, you won't be charged for it)

If you're not sure, check in Google Analytics: Audience > Geo > Location. There you can drill down to the actual city.

Here is what I would do: have a look at the Search Terms report in Google Adwords. See what kind of search queries your ads are actually showing for. Before you assume it's fraud you need to be sure that those 30-40 clicks a day are actually quality visitors. - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice