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We are migrating from traditional e-commerce tracking on GA to the new "Enhanced Ecommerce" tracking.
Google's documentation ( states that "The Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in should not be used alongside the Ecommerce (ecommerce.js) plug-in for the same property."
According to, the standard Ecommerce calls are made automatically during checkout. 

To fulfill the requirements, we'd like to disable those automatic calls made by the shopify platform. Has anybody been able to do this?

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Hi Michael Doyle,

But how you will track the checkout behavior? We cannot custom code the checkout pages right?



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Hi all,

I have exciting news to share with you all! 

We have just launched the Enhanced Ecommerce Shopify App - 

The App is in beta (and under review by shopify) and gives access to 4 new reports of Enhanced Ecommerce:

  • Shopping Behaviour Report
  • Product List Performance Report
  • Sales Performance Report
  • Order Coupon Report

Additionally, it supports display advertising feature.

I invite the community to install the app & share with us your valuable feedback/ suggestions.



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from @Aaron in another thread.

"Jordan L,I don't have a specific date for Enhanced Ecommerce support but we are definitely working on it. Expect an update soon."

So hopefully we'll get something at some point.

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Hi everyone,

I'm happy to let you know that Shopify now supports Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. This can be enabled in your admin settings. Here's documentation on it:

Aaron | Shopify 
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Great news. This has been a long outstanding issue for many, I'm sure.

Thank you!

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Thank you. Long time waiting for this.


Any ideas on how one sets up their funnels with this new tracking code?

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Curious why you guys are using's analytics-js for the integration.

I noticed, because it conflicts with my own segment tools I've installed on my own website (same namespace

You can see the / analytics.js code here:

Which is from here:

Are there plans to bring segment integration in to shopify? Or something else? Otherwise this seems like overkill for simple a Google Enhanced Ecommerce integration?


EDIT: Looks like segment IO comes with Shopify after you upgrade to "Responsive Checkout" actually, not enhanced ecommerce. Any reason for this?

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Also looking like one of my stores, does not have the "Enhanced Ecommerce" checkout button.

That store is Sure Design Wholesale


Any ideas why it shows up for some of my stores, but not all of them?

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Seems like you don't have responsive checkout./

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Hi guys,

I'm having the same issue the "Enhanced Ecommerce" checkout button isn't showing for me - i upgraded to the responsive checkout as soon as it was announced and i've check we're using Universal analytics also.

Any ideas?