Google Analytics Funnels for Venture Theme

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Hi All,

I'm launching my store later this month, and I'm trying to make sure that I have all the relevant tracking in place for when that happens.

I think I have all of the facebook pixel stuff in place, basic tracking and standard events, but no custom conversions defined.

I've been trying to ad some conversion tracking to Google Analytics, as well as defining a funnel. I have been following the tutorial here:

When I get to step 8 to define the funnel, I'm not sure if the URLs I need to enter are the same as those shown in the table.

This is not how they show up in my browser when I go through the checkout. I am using the venture theme.

If anyone can provide some guidance that would be great.




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Follow Step 7 of my article here:

Don't worry about what shows up in your browser when you go through checkout, these are virtual pageviews that Shopify fires to help us track the funnel.

It's more detailed and lists exactly what to put in each field.

- Ahmad


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