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Google Analytics Goals using the right URL

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I am going to premise this by stating that I am really new to ecommerce. 

I recently used my AdWords credit and started to advertise on Google. I read a few articles about using google analytics to track the success of the marketing campaign, but I don't think I am using the right URLS for the Goals I set.

My question: What is the URL for Checkout and a completed sale?

I've had two sales since I have started the ad that I am pretty sure came from the ad, but the URL I used, /order, isn't yielding results.  

I am also trying to track visitors that build a cart and abandon at checkout, I am still showing 0 for this goal, but Shopify is showing lots of abandoned carts since I started this advertising campaign. I've been using /checkout

I also am noticing discrepancies in AdWords reports on my cell vs my computer. 

I won't lie, I have a lot to learn on using google analytics properly to get useful information.



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Hi Nancy,

You don't need to worry about URLs and goals. A piece of code on purchase should be what triggers the conversion. I suggest you setup Google Conversion Goal tracking following my Shopify tutorial:

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