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Google Merchant Refund

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I have been emailing Google back and forth in order to get my Merchant and Adword accounts aproved for my store. They have been telling me the reasons why the amount was not approved and how I can fix it... However their suggestion today seemed a little odd and I was wondering if anyone knew the reason why they would want this to be done. They told me:
"As per the (google) policy, refund policy on your website should come before check-out page and it should not be on Check-Out page."
I have my refund policy clearly at the bottom of all of my pages ( and I have it at the bottom of the checkout page - but they showed me a screen shot where they wanted me to remove the link for the return policy from the checkout page. Why would this be? I know if I was a customer and I had a last minute thought about the return policy on the checkout page, I would want to easily access it.

Any thoughts?


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My name is Jordan and I just started my own Shopify store.


I ran across your 5 year old email regarding your problem with Google and how your store was suspended from operation.


I am having the same problem you had with my new store. Like you, I can't understand fully what they want.


Since you went through this same thing with Google, I am wondering if you can explain how you resolved your Google problem?


Thanks in advance.