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Google Search Console - URL Inspection + Excluded Pages

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Hi There,


I'm no expert in SEO so I keep testing and experimenting with SEO and I struggle with Google Search Console - in particular with the URL Inspection, indexing and excluded pages.

When I use the URL Inspection, I checked several pages: https, http, with index.html and without. (not sure if I need to do that or not)

for example:

All of those pages, came up with:



So I found the "inspect" button:



Next, I let google inspect my page and it turns into:


That seems to be a good thing, even if it's not submitted in sitemap, god knows why....


So when I go through the other URL versions (http & with /index.html) the URLs aren't on google anymore:


So my questions are:

  1. Why is that?
  2. Should I have only 1 URL inspected and indexed?
  3. How many sitemaps should I upload? (http, https)
  4. I also have over 300 excluded pages due to: "Alternate page with proper canonical tag" 
    1. I could manually inspect & index each page but that is inefficient and I'm sure this is not how this should be done. 
  5. I also have 60 crawled but not indexed product pages. I assume it's due to the sitemap issue? example below: image.png
    1. Some of these pages are .atom pages, what is that? do I need to index them?

I apologies for the long post and that this has been discussed elsewhere, I was unable to find the right answer to my problem.


Thank you for reading



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Did you ever get an answer on the excluded atom pages?