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Google shopping help needed

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Hi there

I have just launched a new site a few months ago I have set up google shopping and ad words and linked them, what I’m wondering is am I better just uploading 10 or 20 products to google merchant center to advertise or should I upload my whole site , hundreds of products. Also is google shopping the way to go or would I be better with just ad words, I’m new to all this so any help would be greatly appreciated also any comment on my site good or bad would be appreciated. 



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Hey Martin,

Congrats on the new site launch! 

As for whether you should upload your full product catalog, or just a subset, you should upload the entire list and use Google Product Groups to break out sets of products that you want to advertise with.  You can then test and try each Product Group and change your bids accordingly per Group.

For example, on your site, I see some obvious ways to group (though you can do even more granular ones yourself):

  • Dresses
  • Knitwear
  • Tops
  • Jackets

If one Product Group is more profitable, or converting better, you can adjust your bids (or turn them off) by Product Group to optimize your spend across your catalog.  Let's say you are converting better with "Dresses" than "Jackets" for some reason, you can bid up the "Dresses" Product Group, and bid down the "Jackets" (or turn it off completely).

Here's Google's Guide to do this for the specific step-by-step:

Hope this helps!


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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the reply , I upload 20 products last week and I must say I’m glad I didn’t upload any more, I got loads of error messages in google merchant center, after a lot of work I now have 17 products without error messages so I’m goimg to try them to start with,  once I see how this go I may consider uploading the rest of my catalog, thanks again for your opinion.