GTM and GA setup for a website with Shopify Storefront API integration

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Hi everyone, 
We are about to launch our first ecommerce website which was build with the help of Shopify Storefront API.
The biggest part of user's shopping flow is happening at our domain but the checkout is done at the end of Shopify (users get redirected to complete their purchase).
We are using GTM to create tags to capture user's behavioral data and send it to Google Analytics. I have tried to install the same GTM container on Shopify and also linked the same GA property on Shopify. Tag Assistant indicates the GTM installation on Shopify and GA eCommerce reports show data in ecommerce section. Unfortunately GTM preview mode is not loading when I redirect to the Shopify page. Does anyone know how to create custom marketing tags to track actions on Shopify end using the same container as I use for the website?
Thank you so much for any help and recommendation!
Kind Regards,
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