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Dear Shopify fellows,

A quick question is that i am using a keyword in my collection as "baby's boy clothing" when i go to google keyword planner i didn't see any search for this keyword and the searches were for "baby boys clothing".

Can someone recommend what should i do? should i change collection names and tags to the one that is being searched or any other possible way?

Looking for your help. As I am zero with this all stuff just learning from here and there. Hope i could get the help.




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Hey Haroon,

Change everything to "baby boys clothing", baby's boy clothing isn't correct anyway. 

BUT - look and see what Google autosuggest gives you, if "babys boy clothing" is popping up in auto suggest or down in the quick hits then put that in the text somewhere and drop it in as a meta keyword. 


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Alright. If you are just getting started, here are few things that you need to know upfrontly - 

1. Google Keyword Planner data is not reliable now. It used to be but not any more. Pick up a tool like Ahrefs /Moz / SEMRush to do your keyword research. 

2. Understand the concept of Exact / Phrase and Broad keywords - Watch this quick video - 

3. Learn about negatives too. Extremely important 

4. Now about your query. Pick up multiple keywords and not just one keyword. For instance - 

  • Boy Babies Clothing
  • Baby Boy Clothing
  • Baby Boys Clothing
  • Boy Baby Clothing
  • Boy Baby's Clothing

These are fundamentally phrase match keywords. Use combination and permutation to get a sense of search volume. Ideally SEMRush / Ahrefs will give you a strong sense of the search volume in your target geos. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More
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I recommend to change the URL to baby boys clothing, shopify has an auto redirect option when you change the URL.

Do include that keyword in the meta title and description. Try writing it out naturally.

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Leave it.

Its so trivial its ridiculous.

Google is smart enough to know what you mean.

Go and spend your time doing something practical like creating useful content or performing outreach and promoting your site.

The more time you waste mucking around with trivial stuff like this, the longer its going to take you to see any returns.

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Hello Haroon,

You should change your collection name to "baby boy clothes" as people will search these queries in the search engine. This will give you more benefit in terms of visibility and ranking in SERP. You can also use the keyword planner and Google's auto suggestions to get more relevant keyword ideas for your collection. 

You should also, use the keyword effectively in the content of the "Baby Boy Clothing" page. This will help you in increasing your search engine rankings. 

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