Has Anyone Experienced Pinterest Blocking Shopify Store Images Coincident With SSL Conversion?

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I converted my Store to SSL on March 1 and all seem to go well. No error messages, bad URL's, etc...

A huge majority of my store traffic comes from Pinterest, where we have worked super hard to pin our store images, images from our Wordpress Blog and images from our Amazon products listings.  

Tweaking the site yesterday (3/2) I went to pin an image and received "Sorry, we blocked this link because it may lead to spam." I started checking all the other store images on Pinterest and they have been blocked. The Wordpress Blog images are not blocked. My Amazon product listing images are not blocked, where I also sell my private label products. It's only the Shopify store images. 

Yesterday, I placed a support ticket with Pinterest but have not received a response yet. 

This seems to have happened coincident with the SSL conversion. 

Since the conversion my Store traffic has gone from approximately 1000 visitors/day to around 60 so far as I'm writing this post. 

Is anyone else seeing this? 



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