Has anyone used the Expert Marketing Guidance ($50) offered by Shopify?

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I feel as if I've reached a last resort in trying to gain attention to my site. I post consistently on social media platforms, have done a few FB ads, reached out to influencers, I send emails at least twice a week, hosted a giveaway, I submit a weekly sitemap to search engines, along with many other countless things... but I average mayyyyybe 2 sales a week, and have roughly 50 or less visitors per day. As a business just starting out, funds are tight - so my question to you is: If you have used the Marketing Guidance by Shopify, is it worth the $50 to dish out, or are they just going to tell me I should install paid apps like I see in other threads? I'm looking for something that will be beneficial in the long run. Here's the link if you're not sure what I'm talking about: https://experts.shopify.com/tasks/5?itcat=forums&itterm=header-banner. Seriously, anyting helps!!

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It's not worth paying $50 and I can say that just reading their "pitch", you'd be better off finding someone who knows their stuff regarding seo and smm and you're very likely to make a decent roi as they won't be in business if their customers aren't making any money. If you need any help with seo/smm shoot me an email, I'd be glad to help out. contact@abylairesmanagement.com