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To preface, I am an absolute novice, I have attempted ecommerce several times, but to no avail. However, this time, I said I would be persistent, but after getting decent traffic and no sales, I'm begining to become a bit discouraged. I would love help pinpointing the problem, and hopfuly some expert replies on this thread will help other novices like me. 

With that said, thank you to anyone who takes time out of their day to help me, I immensly appreciate you, and if you would like help from me, consider it done.

Anyways our URL is: . We sell phone chargers that i have used personally and love, there are currently another couple ecommerce stores that dropship the same products at igher prices so i dont think it is a price issue. I believe it comes down to marketing, and that is the point I'm stuck. below there are a couple screenshots in google drive that show what the analytics are from the stores inception (About 45 days ago)... I'm sure you experts will understand these more than myself.

After reviewing those I am stuck.

There are the possibilities of basic issues such as:

1) Poor storefront design (I think its fine)

2) Glitch in the checkout (I ran a test purchase) 

3) Price too high (we are priced lowewr than anyone else selling these products to my knowledge) 


Or, and what I'm leaning towards, there is an issue with marketing:

1) Perhaps I'm not spending enough

2) My targeting is bad (My best ad had a 7 out of 10 for a relavance score)

3) The marketing outlet isnt right (Facebook vs. google and youtube)

4) Or is there simply too much competition? Do I have the right idea and just need to regroup on a different store front?


To sum up, I have spent around $150 on marketing, I'm getting traffic, and a couple add to carts, but no purchases... HELP, again, anything, even telling me that my store looks like crap would be appreciated. Thank you! 

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Hi Joshua, 

The store looks fine, have you considered adding a blog feature to post content relevant to your products? Having a blog on site does wonders for SEO and generating organic traffic. Also, how is your Google AdWords strategy going?

If you are actively trying to scale up I recommend checking out the Salesoar Automation Marketing app in the shopify store. 

We make it possible to create thousands of ad campaigns in minutes, with millions of keywords. Always serving the most accurate, high ranking ads, and integrated with your real time product feed.

If you're struggling to turn a significant profit with Google Adwords I suggest you to get in touch, as our tool significantly increases revenue and gets your products in front of the right customers at the right time. 

We also offer a 30 day free trial to show off the benefits.

Happy to answer any follow up questions!



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I'm no expert here, but here are my two cents.....The store looks fine, prices look fine... if anything you could try to change the theme and see if makes a difference.

Also, make sure you are spending enough time when you do your keyword research for google ads, and make sure you are targetting the right audience for facebook ads.

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Hi Joshua,

As regarding to your actual website design and content, it seems you have missing some very imporant pages and features.

1. You have no About Us page. This page build credibilty and showing there are real people behind this website. It's really important to have this page. You can find how to make a good About Us page in this link.

2. You have no Contact Us page, which is extremly important. People that are going to buy from your website need to know they have someone they can contact to if something is not right. More preffarable is to have a live chat app, and you have many free of those available on the Shopify App store, but the minimum you should have is a Contact Us page.

3. There's no information regarding Shipping. Where do you Ship to? What are the costs? Delivery time?


I think those 3 points should be a good start for you to improve your website.

As for Marketing and generating relevant traffic, I recommend you to use AdScale

AdScale is a 100% automated advertising solution for marketing your store across Google & Facebook Ads.

It uses AI Technology in order to generate for your store smart advertising campaigns that are targeting the right people, with the right ads, at the right time.

You can learn more about it in this link:

Hope it helps!


AdScale - 100% automated advertising on Google & Facebook, using AI Technology.
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Hi Joshua,

I agree with the points above, regarding your trust signals. Your store looks just like another dropshipping store [sorry to be blunt] and your visitors will feel the same way. What will help you stand apart in this uber-saturated niche is a strong branding. Something unique you can offer your customers what no other competitors do - in terms of customer service, shipping terms, after sale perks etc. 

Mac Dodo is a great name - but have you considered if you are not plagiarizing Dodo case, which is a huge player in your niche? This might feel a bit misleading for your visitors.

I noticed you don't have many products - consider adding more merchandise. Your conversion will be much higher, if visitors will have a very big selection of products.

I have to agree with you as well in terms of marketing - that can make a huge difference when driving more traffic that converts. Work on sending organic traffic to your website via blogging, backlinks, sharing your content, posting in the relevant discussion boards and connecting with the influencers.

If you're not sure where to start, see how your competitors are promoting their stores - and then copy their technique, making sure that you improve it somehow and tweak it to build your branding.

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Hi Joshua,

There may be a few causes why you’re getting traffic with no sales. Check out our video with tips to convert more traffic: