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Help! Over 5000 visits and only 6 sales

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I don't get it, I am spending on marketing quite a bit. Brought in over 5000 visitor from facebook, instagram and adwords but nothing seems to convert! 

Can any one please give me some advice and tips on whats not working.

My shop is

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I have same issue (over 1000 visits and 0 sale) and just like you, I will appreciate any helpful tips to resolve this issue -

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visited your site. first work on the banner "why choose wealthy shades?" which is not easily readable.

now as you said, 5000 visits and only 6 sales. 

next time when you setup paid campaign, make sure you use negative keywords. if you don't know, search for negative keywords in SEO. you will get what is mean and that might be the mistake that traffic is coming but it can be irrelevant too. 

proper age group, area, city, country and many more things came in a scenario when you go for paid ads. So you can take advice from the SEO experts or Digital marketing experts. they will guide you about which things to keep in mind while setting up the campaign.


I hope this helps. 🙂

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I would suggest retargeting to capatilize on your traffic. I have found, especially from social that visitors rarely purchase on first visit. Remarketing actually seems to gain consumer trust in your brand. I have used many services, but the best I have found is Cranberri. Super simple to use.

Best of luck,

Janice K. 

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Here is a checklist for you & I hope you have implemented it well:

1. Your Ad Type is Shopping Ad instead of Display or Search Ad

2. You have well-organized Ad-Groups and have related keywords associated accordingly. For example, men and women and sunglasses for men, aviators for men & sunglasses for women respectively.

3. Ensure that broad match is specified instead of exact and phrase match along with the specification of negative keywords which lets you target potential customers.

4. Your Landing Page is according to the Ad-Group. For example, if I'm clicking for a particular product, it is redirected to that particular product page instead of similar themed products.

5. The target location is clear where you ship your products.

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Here is how I would break down the conversion problem: 

  1. Setting up your conversion funnel - Shopify gives you a high-level overview of how many users are adding to cart, checkout and sales. This needs to be analyzed at a traffic source level. Set this up using Google Analytics. Read this to know how.
  2. Traffic Quality and Conversion Rate per Traffic Channel - You have mentioned Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram. Have you set up Google Analytics for your store? If not, I would strongly recommend that you do that and track which channel is getting what quality of traffic. Look at metrics such as Number of Add To Carts, Time spent on site to evaluate the quality of traffic. Having said that do look at data over a period of time before jumping on to a conclusion.
    • The output of this exercise will help you improve your targeting/segmentation on Adwords / Facebook / Insta and get better ROI.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization - If monthly traffic on your store is more than 10K, it might be a good idea to run select A/B Tests. Here is a great guide - A/B Testing for Beginners
  4. Retargeting - Retargeting is critical. Period. But not through display ads and email works but only so much. I would recommend trying out browser notifications for both retargeting and engagement. Browser notifications work amazingly well for fixing a leaking funnel. This article talks about the why and how in a lot of detail. 

Hope this helps.

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Hi Janice-


I would appreciate if you would shoot me over an email about using Cranberri. I am contemplating using it to fix my own conversion funnel, and generate some significant sales. I'd like to hear from a real user first about your experience! My email is, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Vivek!


You seem pretty knowledabgle about how to fix a broken conversion funnel, and increase sales. I have my own issue that I am going through as I am trying to scale my ecommerce store, to over $300k/month in sales. I believe that this is definetly possible through my past experience and I am ready to scale this. Please reach out to me with how you think I can accomplish this through what platforms, for example like Cranberri, and how to fix my conversion funnel right now that sometimes is 1-2%, which should be better. My email is


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Just dropped you a line. Happy to help. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More