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High traffic but only one sale

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please could you help to understand what should to do with my store to let it convert more

all thing is good but how! I got only one convert and 86 online store sessions without converting

+ I do conversion on my campaigns

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Add a link to your store if you want more targeted info!


Where are the visitors coming from? Ads, social media, etc? Have you made sure you're targeting the right people? Many people want familiarity before they trust a brand, so having a social media account that you're keeping up with, and e-mail signups can help a lot! Abandoned cart apps can help as well.


Make sure your site is easy to use and loads quickly. If you're running ads, make sure to link them to the page where they can take action easily (meaning not to the home page). Make sure your descriptions are enticing (you can find free articles about "ecommerce copywriting"), and have good grammar.


I've built an app that helps you create videos for your products (and social media, ads, etc). Videos can really help convert more people. If you'd like to give it a try, I'd be happy to give you a couple free videos to test it out and see if it helps!

Want to increase conversions or get more social media attention? Try Brisa Video Creator to quickly and easily create videos that engage your viewers!
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I sent it to you in messages

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I think you should read this article: What is a good conversion rate on Shopify? How to improve it?. As the title, this writing will tell you the definition of a good conversion rate, how to calculate and how to improve the conversion rate on Shopify. 

Hope it helps!

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