How can I apply a 50% discount to the cheapest item in a buy 2 get 1 promotion?

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I would like to get your help, regarding the promotion that we would like to implement. Buy 2 get 1 with -50% but on the cheaper product out of 3 products that client chose. So i found the way how to do Buy 2 get 1 with -50% but how to make that this -50% is applicable on the cheaper product?

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To get this done, try setting a coupon code in place in order to do this...


Once you do this, your qualified customers can generate a code that allows them to have access to the 50% discount...

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Hi @Olly2309,


use the automatic discount feature in the Shopify admin. 


Use the feature when a customer buys 2 product and gets 1 product for 50 % of the price. By default, the cheapest product gets -50%. 


See the screenshot: 


Snímek obrazovky 2022-05-02 v 16.42.31.png

Hope this helps!

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