How can I automate adding birthdays to customer accounts during sign up?

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Hi, I have the flits app installed which customers can update their Birthday (see attached screenshot) I plan to collect this information to provide Birthday discounts. However, customers have to input their birthday through the account. I would like them to do this upon signing up to the site through the sign up form. What would be the best way to automate this and store the data on their account. Would I be better installing another app, or adding fields to the sign up form then using code to store the data they input onto their account? 





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This depends on what data the editing app is using to store the customer DOB info.

If it's in a private metafield dedicated to that app then you need to have the app integrate with the sign up form; some apps have documented apis for this.


If it's using a tag to store DOB you can add more fields to the account in the sign up form 

The "documented" way for more information is using the customer note 


If it's using metafields collect the DOB as tags and use an automation to update the metafields based on a tag containing "DOB_" or some other convention.

Shopify-flow app should be able to do this part. 

Or a more in depth scriptable automation app like use mechanic 



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