How can I boost multi-language SEO for my e-commerce site?

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Hi everyone,

I've recently launched my e-commerce and I'm working on boosting SEO now:

My business is based and only ships within Switzerland: since there are multiple official languages here, I need to consider them all to grow my customer base. Plus, there are a lot of expats (I'm one of them) so English is also a must-have. My website is currently translated into 3 languages (English, German and Italian) with French coming soon.

Do you have any recommendations of app / plugin that could help me with SEO boosting in all languages?

I'm currently using Tapita which helped me with website speed for sure, but I'm not sure it's the right choice for multi-language SEO.

Appreciate your help 🙂

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perfect, thanks. Which app or plugin would you suggest in this case?

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Hi @SeleneS, I’m Kate from PageFly, a Shopify Page Builder app. 

To optimize your store for high SEO rankings in multiple languages, you need to implement a comprehensive strategy that addresses both technical SEO and content quality. Shopify offers lots of SEO apps that can lend a helping hand in this.

Drawing from my experience, I'll share some insights and suggestions on areas to focus on. Feel free to explore these apps to see if they align with your needs. 

1. Use Hreflang tags

  • Purpose: These tags help Google understand the language and regional targeting of your content. This is crucial for stores targeting customers in different countries or regions with the same language but different nuances (e.g., US English vs. UK English).
  • Implementation: Add hreflang tags in the code of your Shopify store to specify the language and region for each page. Shopify themes can be customized to include these tags, or you can use SEO apps that support multi-language sites.

2. Create dedicated URLs for each language

  • Purpose: In your case, 4 URLs (France, Germany, English, and Italian). Separate URLs for each language version of your site make it easier for search engines to index and rank your content appropriately in different languages.
  • Implementation: Use a clear URL structure that includes the language code near the beginning of the URL (e.g., /en/ for English, /fr/ for French). Shopify allows you to create and manage these URLs through its internationalization features.

3. Quality translations

  • Purpose: High-quality, culturally relevant translations are essential. Poor translations can harm your SEO because they degrade the user experience and can increase bounce rates.
  • Implementation: Invest in professional translations rather than relying solely on automated services. Ensure that product descriptions, meta tags, and content are accurately translated and localized.

4. Localized keyword research

  • Purpose: Keywords can vary significantly across languages and regions, even for the same product or concept.
  • Implementation: Conduct keyword research for each target language and region to understand how your potential customers search for your products. Incorporate these localized keywords naturally into your content, meta tags, and URLs.

5. Responsive store design 

  • Purpose: A mobile-friendly, responsive design is crucial for SEO across all languages and regions, as Google uses mobile-first indexing.
  • Implementation: Ensure your Shopify store is responsive and provides a good user experience on mobile devices. This is a fundamental requirement for SEO success.

6. Local link building

  • Purpose: Links from local websites in the target language can boost your store's credibility and rankings in specific regions.
  • Implementation: Engage in link-building activities within each target market. Collaborate with local influencers, bloggers, and businesses to generate quality backlinks to your store.

7. Social media and local communities

  • Purpose: Active engagement on social media and in local online communities can drive traffic and improve SEO indirectly by increasing brand visibility and backlinks.
  • Implementation: Use social media platforms popular in your target markets to engage with customers. Share content in the local language and participate in relevant online communities.

8. Compliance and speed optimization

  • Purpose: Site speed and compliance with legal requirements (like GDPR in Europe) can impact your SEO.
  • Implementation: Optimize your site's speed by compressing images, using fast hosting, and minimizing the use of heavy scripts. Ensure compliance with local laws to avoid penalties that could affect your SEO.

9. Monitor and optimize

  • Purpose: SEO is not a one-time task but an ongoing process of improvement.
  • Implementation: Regularly monitor your store's SEO performance in each language using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. Look for opportunities to optimize based on user behavior and search engine updates.

10.Shopify SEO apps

  1. Langify: Easily translates your store into multiple languages, manually or automatically, to connect with customers in their native language. 
  2. Transcy: Helps you sell worldwide by translating your store into any language and converting prices with real-time currency exchange rates. Plus, their customizable switchers automatically adjust language and currency based on shopper location, enhancing their shopping experience in their preferred language and currency.
  3. T Lab: Allows unlimited language translations and seamless integration with Shopify Markets.

I believe that these suggestions will optimize your store to reach global markets and increase customer engagement. If you found my suggestions helpful, let me know by giving it a thumbs-up or mark it as a solution. Happy to helps. 

I hope you the best in your endeavors. Keep up the great work! 


Kate | PageFly team 

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Hi @PageFly-Kate ,


thanks a lot for all this information. I've already applied some of your advices but I still have work to do, so this list definitely help. Do you know any app that could help with link building at the beginning? thanks

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I'm glad to help!
There are some Shopify apps that may help you with that. Here is the list of link building app:
- InterLinks Linking App
- Linkify ‑ Backlink SEO Booster
- Seo‑Booster: Linkify
Have a nice day!

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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Congratulations on launching your e-commerce website,! It's great to hear that you're focusing on boosting SEO to grow your customer base in Switzerland, considering the multiple official languages and the importance of English for expats like yourself.


When it comes to optimizing SEO for multilingual websites, using the right app or plugin can indeed make a significant difference. While Tapita may have helped with website speed, it's essential to choose a tool specifically designed for multi-language SEO.


One highly recommended plugin for multilingual SEO is Yoast SEO. It offers robust features for optimizing content in multiple languages, including support for hreflang tags, which help search engines understand the language and regional targeting of your content. Another option worth considering is WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin), which seamlessly integrates with WordPress and provides comprehensive SEO capabilities for multilingual sites.


Both Yoast SEO and WPML can help you optimize your website's visibility across different languages, ensuring that your content ranks well in search engine results for your target audience. I hope this helps, and best of luck with your e-commerce venture! 

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Thanks @calvinthomas for recommending Yoast SEO, but I would like to make a clarification in order to make sure there is no confusion regarding the multilingual aspect.


Yoast SEO for Shopify Yoast SEO for Shopify supports over 20 languages for the admin screens and SEO features. However on Shopify our app will only provide UI and analysis suggestions for the default language set in the Shopify language (so a single language).


We do have a feature request for that, but due to the structure of the platform and Shopify's API this is not yet developed.


Currently, Yoast SEO supports only Langify and We glot for multilingual metadata translation and multilingual/multiregional aspects handling, which is what we suggest in this case. Hope this helps everyone make an informed decision!


Best of luck with your business venture @SeleneS!