How can I change my store's currency from Din Kuwaiti to Riyal Saudi?

How can I change my store's currency from Din Kuwaiti to Riyal Saudi?

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Hi there, i want to change the currency of my store from Din Kuwaiti to Riyal Saudi, Thanks in advance  

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Hi @choyelliot,


You can change your store currency in your Shopify admin > Settings > Store details > Store currency.


In case you’ve made your first sale, you can't change the currency yourself anymore. You'll need to contact Shopify support to have them change it.


I hope it helps.


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Hello @choyelliot,


You can change your Shopify store's currency by following the below steps:


1. From Shopify admin, go to Settings
2. Click on Store details
3. You can see the Store currency section from where you can select your new currency "Saudi riyals"  from the list. 

Acme Jewelers - Store details - Shopify 2022-06-14 08-56-13.png


Hope this was helpful,


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Hi there, @choyelliot.

I'd be happy to wak you through this! There are two ways to change your store's currency: If you have not yet made any sales, you can change your store's currency right from your store's admin. To do this: From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Store details. Then, in the Store currency section, select your new store currency from the list and hit "save". 

If you have already made a sale then the process is slightly different. In this case, you will have to reach out to our live support team to request for them to allow you access to change your store's currency. There will be some impact to your store when we change the currency this way, it is good to be aware of the following:

  1. Reporting: Changing between multiple currencies results in our reporting not factoring in the difference between currencies. You may see a discrepancy in your reports.
  2. Product Pricing: Since the dollar amount between currencies is not the same, a product price's value, could mean something different if the currency is adjusted and impact your margins.
  3. Apps: Some apps may have limitations when it comes to changing selling currency. I would double-check to see if these will impact any of the apps you use.
  4. Gift Cards: Gift cards with remaining balances in the old selling currency will not work once the selling currency of the store has been changed.
  5. Shipping: Any shipping rates for a store will maintain the previous currency and will not update automatically. After a currency change, you will need to delete the previous rates and add them back in manually to list them in their new currency.
  6. Currency rules: if you currently offer a currency as an option with a manual FX rate and rounding rules setup, those settings will be "locked" if they then change that into their shop currency. You need to revert that currency back to automatic FX rates and no rounding rules before doing so.

If you are happy enough with these impacts and wish to go ahead with s currency change request, you can do so by reaching out to live support.  Our live support via phone, chat or email can be reached via our support portal here. Simply type your query into the "ask about a topic" bar, then hit continue to support to access. Here's a video showing the steps in action.

If you have just made that first sale - congratulations! It's a wonderful achievement. Do you have any plans for your store going forward? Is there anything you'd like to improve or change? 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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Dear Ivy,


Can you please help.

Recently, in November 2022, I changed my main currency from SEK to EUR, while already having a couple of different european markets connected through the Shopify Markets functionality with their own domains, language and currency as well as automated price increase and rounding setup.

Right now, the EUR currency is not working as it should, where the prices for each other European country that is using EUR is "locked" with the wrong price, while other currencies such as RON, BGN, SEK and CZK works like a charm. With works like a charm I mean that whatever the price for each product is set in the Product description area in the Shopify admin page, the very same page is shown online on the local markets. But for all European countries, the currency is not working anymore, and the EUR prices is incorrectly showing for each country. Please check out my attached screenshot. It is very sad.

I am having a very hard time with this issue and the Shopify support person that is trying to help me, does not seem to have a clue why this is occuring, while I think the EUR prices are incorrectly "locked" somehow.

I have attached a powerpoint as attaching a .png did not work.

Can you please help? 


Shopify can not display EUR correctly.png

I raised the following tickets, but no one seem to be able to help:
21st of Feb 2023 - The ticket number is 36474959.

9th of Feb 2023 - The ticket number is 36204594.
27th of Nov 2023 - The initial ticket where I made the change while discussing it with the Shopify support. The ticket number is 34552427.

Can someone help the EUR prices are displayed correctly for each of the Euro markets where I am having a online presence through my Shopify Markets functionality?

Daniel Wardzynski