How can I effectively run Facebook and Google ads for my website?

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Hi Guys, 


I am looking for help with marketing / advertising my webpage. 




I currently use a marketing company that run my Google ads and Facebook ads but they cost me £3,100 per month and the ROI is not making me profitable this year. 


I am considering going it alone and doing it myself. If I can do a 1/5 of what they're achieving but without paying them it would make me profitable. 


Any advice on running Facebook ads, Google ads or any other platform I should be looking into? 


If you could drop down any videos you have watched, articles you have read that might help that would be fantastic. 


Thanks Shopify Community 


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Your store looks great and you have nice products that's in high demand as well. 

However, have got some tips for you that can boost your Conversion rate and help to grow potential customer base.

I highly recommend, google my business setup and product listing plus klaviyo workflow.


With With google my business profile set up and product listing, your product will be display on google to your targerted audience which converts more traffic to your website and with the help of klaviyo sales flows , you are able to retain those traffic and convert them to potential customers. it helps you to show up first in search engine results pages and You’ll get results in real time. 


If you need more clarification, you can check your inbox. I've also git more tips for you as well. And it pretty much convert 

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Thank you for sharing, I was looking for similar marketing strategies for my company. Will try to work on the tips you provided above. Please have a look at my website and let me know if you have any more suggestions for sales and traffic.


Thank you,


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Do you have problem converting or generating traffic to your website ?

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better open a new discussion

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Hello @JacobStaff70,


Here are some of the reason why spending a lot on Facebook ad campaign won’t result in better sales.

1. You don’t have enough targeted audience.
Make sure to target the right audience so that they can receive the most relevant ads. You can target your ads to three types of audiences when you advertise on Facebook: saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.
2. Your targeting parameters needs to optimize properly.
3. Your facebook users/friends aren’t shoppers.
4. You aren’t segmenting ad campaigns. Segmenting helps to target multiple customer segments at the same time with different social media platforms.
5. Low relevance score
There are three key advantages of a higher relevance score that advertisers will enjoy:
> Reaching more people for less money
> Helping advertisers test ad creative options before running a campaign
> Optimizing campaigns in progress
Facebook uses their Relevance Score scale (1-10) to rank ads based on how engaging and interesting your ads are to your selected audience. The higher your score, the better. 6. Your ad set budget is too low
If you go too low, this could mean you’re not getting the reach you want to see.
7. Your audience is too small
It’s better to put more money into your audience rather than targeting irrelevant audience members just to increase your audience size.
8. You missed the mark for your target audience
9. Overlapping audiences
If you’re targeting the same audience with multiple ads, this can drastically reduce deliverability. Not to mention, it will also raise your costs!

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Hello Jacob,


We went through your website and it really looks good but we would suggest you do some changes to gain more revenue. 


1. Your website loading speed has to be improved because this makes your web visitors get exit from your webpage if it takes too long to load. 

2. Add the "Add to Cart" button to the "Our Favourite Finds" section on your HomePage.

3. On your Product Page, the page that opens when the Klarna Learn More option has to display its respective page in a New Tab.

4. Also add the "Add to Cart" button to similar products and recently viewed categories on the product page. 

5. The Email mentioned on your Contact Page has to be connected to the Mail.


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Hey Jacob,


I'd advise that you get as much information/statistics from the marketing company prior to letting them know you're parting ways as this will be very useful for you when you start yourself. You want to know what results they got from their campaign testing so you know what was working and what wasn't. What the Customer Acquisition Cost was etc.


As you're UK based, a great new marketing tool i've discovered is Upurr. It's UK based and is free to connect/list your Shopify store. It drives targeted shoppers directly to your store so it can really help get better conversion results and its free to definitely worth being connected even if you just get one sale through it! Can register for free at


Running good marketing campaigns is all about testing the waters first and learning as you go along then once you find something that works well, then you pure some money into it. It's very easy for people to waste a lot of money it they don't master this.


Anyway, all the best with it and hope this helps you.

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Hi @JacobStaff70 


Make sure your store is reliable and trustworthy enough for visitors to make a purchase. Otherwise, paid traffic without conversions is a waste of your budget. Consider adding reviews/testimonials to your store for customer trust and social proof.


Also, I would suggest you focus on customer retention. Customer retention strategy includes various activities you implement to increase repeat customers and sell more to your current customers. Customer retention strategies are one of the best and most cost-effective ways of increasing your store's sales.


In terms of the design, your store looks great! You have done a good job! 

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running a paid ads clearly needs a skill. If you don't have the skill, better hire someone that has one. Hiring a marketing agency that can't deliver result, maybe you can change to another one.


Have you asked your current agency, why they don't convert/ deliver results?

any ad funnels/ flow they can share?

It should be an interesting case study.

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