How can I generate a Google shopping feed URL without using an app?

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We're using Google Channel and have a Google Content API product feed. However, I need a URL to a product feed to upload on affiliate-sites and such. Since there is no URL created from content api, 


how to do it? I do not want to pay for an app who charge us every month for something we dont really need to update. Is there any app or any way to get all information we need out? 


I cannot export products since we're missing theproductlink.. 

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The Google Channel content API feed, does not have an URL. It is submitted via an API. So if you need a physical TSV, XML CSV URL then best to use an app such as:

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Yes, I know.  Thats why I’d like how to get the information out manually. I dont want to pay 10usd a month for something that takes an app 3min to generate when i need to update it just once every six months.


Free app, manually or otherwise our developer may just create it. it feels unnecessary because all the data is available when you export products without the link itself