How can I improve my Facebook ad performance for my home decor store?

How can I improve my Facebook ad performance for my home decor store?

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Hi there,

Currently run a home decor dropshipping store.

I have been playing around with ads the last few weeks, spending a bit of my budget

Hoping to get some advice.

Conversion Event: I have seen alot of people say just set this to Purchases regardless because it gives better results, even if you don't have the advised 50 optimisations as facebook recommends. Lets say this last 7 days i've had 20 

I have played around and had Add to Carts, which did exactly that... ALOT of add to carts.. but that was it ! Barely any purchases.

I then had Intitate Check Out and this performed better and had sales... as of today I am trying Purchases.

Even when i had it set to inititate check out after a few days its would say learning is limited, so i would go back to add to cart and would REGRET this every time.

Detailed Targeting Expansion: Do we recommend on or off, I have had it off mostly as my audience is quite specific.

Automatic Placements (Recommended) I have had this off as from previous post most was viewed on instagram and i personally prefer having more traffic through my instagram page and gets me lots of followers, than facebook.

Attribution Setting - 1 day click/ 7 day click or 1 day click or view / 7 day click or view..... I had this at 7 day click and view for a long time as i had no idea what it meant and was auto selected..But i read if purchases are under a $100 then 1 day click or view is best to get purchases.... so currently have it set to this.

Optimization for Ad Delivery - Currently set to conversions, is this best? even if set at purchases it says" Ad Set May Get Zero Purchases Based on how you've set up your ad set, we recommend trying the following to avoid getting zero purchases: Use Landing Page Views as your optimization for ad delivery"

Audience Reach: What is the best size audience to have? I think i have a pretty good idea of the type of audience i am targetting.. but what size should I try to get this to be for best results?

What size budget a day is a good starting point to grow? So far i have spent a fair bit over 8 weeks and whilst i have had sales i need more for it to be sustainable 

I also know i shouldn't touch and edit my ads so often.... 

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!




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I am in a very similar situation where i continue to get "Ad sets may get zero purchases". Did you arrive at a solution?

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Hi Gary:


Purchases is the best event for Sales. If you are unable to set it, choose the next best. 

However, if you are seeing less Add to Cart to Purchase, then it can be improved by using Timers, Surprise Discounts or Social Proofs. Also, your price needs to be looked into. 


You can keep Detailed Targeting Expansion OFF if audience is specific. 


Do not choose Automatic Placements. 


To get best results, use interest based targeting but research those interests thoroughly. You are getting the message of Zero conversions because your audience size is small. Check the meter on the right in your adset.


Can start with $100 or 500 depending on the product price. Depends on how many sales you need to get breakeven








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Hi @GaryBusey1,

here are answers to your questions based on my experience with running ads on Facebook: 

Conversion Event: From my experience, even if you don't have the advised 50 purchases, it's still worth trying it out. I have clients who don't have 50 purchases and the ads work. 

Detailed Targeting Expansion: I usually use this expansion since it makes the audience wider and you can target more people (even if you choose specifically the interests, there might be some people without the interests you chose who are interested in your products.)

Automatic Placements (Recommended): What I usually do, I choose automatic placement when I start running the ads. Facebook will get more data and the ads start learning faster. When I have some data, I switch to manual placement. Be aware of using automatic placement for all of the campaign objectives! It happens that e.g. when you run brand campaign objective, Facebook usually choose Messenger placement, right column and other placements which people hardly notice. Always check where your ads show up! However, If you wish to run ads only on Instagram, yes, go for it. 

Attribution Setting: After the iOS changes, the 7-day-click is the default attribution window. However, after the iOS changes, it might take a couple of more days before you see the real results (even up to three days)! Be prepared to optimize the ads based on this information. 

Optimization for Ad Delivery: Give it a try! If you don't test it, you won't know the real impact of it. However, when I want to get purchases, I usually keep conversions instead of landing page view or else. 

Audience Reach: It's not that clear. Sometimes, with a big audience, the ads won't be working because it's hard to choose the right people. On the other hand, if it's too small, the ads won't learn! However, if you see the notice that your audience is too small, try consolidating some of your ad sets to get a wider audience. 

What size budget a day is a good starting point to grow?: It depends on many factors - your average price of product, your competitors, countries you're targeting, etc. To start, I recommend starting with a smaller amount of money and if you see that it's working, I recommend slowly increasing the budget. Some eshops start with $50/day, some with 300$ day. Really depends on the business, budget, desired goal, etc. 

Hope this helps! 



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Thanks for the replies!

Have since gotten much better at fb ads and had some good success, however of the last two week have seen drastic change.

Reach has gone from approx 6-19k for a $85 budget to a 2k reach.....  and huge cost per CPM.

I am at my wits end with FB ads !!